Mully Jackson


Mully Jackson is a Canadian musical five-piece ensemble originating from Toronto, Canada. The band was formed in 2015 by lead vocalist and songwriter Michael Malatesta (Mully), guitarist Julian Colucci (Jackson), bassist Johnny Morello, pianist Mark DeSimone, and drummer Anthony Cubello. Their debut EP ‘GoodBye Jack’ navigates the real-life journeys of love and heartbreak. By exploring the deep complications of relationships and its highs and lows, the band’s music is relatable and captures the attention of a wide range of audiences. From the catchy chorus of ‘Baby’s Lovin’ to the depths of ‘Fork in Road’, the sound is timeless and beautiful. The lead singer's voice adds an element of edge and dimension to an understated, country inflected sound..


Vocals / Michael Malatesta
Guitar / Julian Colucci
Bass / Johnny Morello
Drums / Anthony Cubello
Piano / Mark DeSimone





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Goodbye Jack

by Mully Jackson

Debut EP | Out Now